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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall's Peep Toe

First, focus your eyes on that heel! The silver spiked stiletto gives this shoe all kinds of attitude. I'm loving the trend of peep toed booties this season. It's a look that's giving the spring/summer look some extra shine. These suede booties are styling with the cut outs at the heel. They are my current crave. Thanks again, Manolo Blahnik, thanks.

Photo: bergdorf

Monday, September 29, 2008

Falling into Fashion

Now that I'm finally accepting that summer is over, I'm slowly coming around to the idea of fall. Ugh! It's not really that bad and the trends this season is making fall shape up quite nicely. One of the best things about fall is shopping for new clothes! In my search I came across this cashmere sweater by Autumn. I'm loving the blouson shape. From the sleeves to the fitted waist. It's the perfect go-to sweater to match with jeans or a skirt. Another plus, cashmere feels soooooooooooo good! It's hard not to be happy about the arrival of fall with this sweater against my skin. Bring on the fall and bring on the clothes!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Funky Shoe Alert!

I love, love, love these funky patent leather stunners from Manolo Blahnik! The black patent leather gives off rocker chick edge and attitude. These shoes can't help but demand attention!The red stitching around the vamp of the shoe sass them up even more. Let's not forget the lovely, sexy heel. Argh, I completely blame Sex and the City for my love of Mr. Manolo!

Photo: bergdorf

It's all in the DNA

Cosmopolitan, MSNBC and HGTV agree, art is getting personal. The color of your eyes, hair, even your height is all in the DNA. Apparently, the same could be said about your art! Ever wondered what your genetic makeup would look like... on your walls?! DNA 11 is leading the way to let you "make the ultimate personal artistic statement." They have created a unique style of art that allows customers to take part in the process. You can get a print of your kiss, your fingerprint and even your DNA. How do they do what they do? When placing your order, first you choose the style, color, size and frame. Then you'll receive a collection kit after a few days to take your sample (DNA, fingerprint or kiss). Once you send the sample back, the folks at DNA 11 get to work! They promise to destroy your DNA sample after they've used it to create your portrait. Each piece is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It's off to you within four to six weeks after they've received your sample. Need proof that they're wall-worthy? They've been endorsed by the Museum of Modern Art design stores of New York. Talk about personal statements.

Photo: DNA11

Fashionably Speaking...

"I don't design clothes, I design dreams."

~Ralph Lauren, American fashion designer

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fashion = Pain?

I've heard that beauty is pain and fashion hurts but these shoes take that idea to a whole other level. Who is wearing these? Really. I need to know. How in the world are you supposed to be able to walk in those? While they may make a statement, I'm just not sure what that statement is.

Who Rocked It?

Great taste knows no genre. Country teen queen Taylor Swift looked nothing short of angelic. She wore this Marchesa gown in white to hit the red carpet for an award show. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul wore the same gown in red hot red to an event. Both ladies did the dress justice but, who rocked it?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11, Ep. 5 Recap

This week on America’s Next Top Model girls got a chance to strut their stuff. They met with Ms. J at a bowling alley of all places to work it! Most of them do OK. Elina’s walk will improve when she allows herself to lose control. Samantha has the opposite problem. She’s bow-legged, so she has to get more control of her legs to perfect her strut. Then there’s Hannah. She’s the last weak link when it comes to the catwalk. After more practice with Ms. J the girls are off to their challenge. It’s a runway show! This is where they throw us for a loop. The girl who does the worst in the show will be sent home. No picture, no panel, no Tyra. She’ll have to leave immediately after the show. Before they prep for the show, the girls are told of the final twist. While they’re strutting on the runway, they’ll be blindfolded! Most of the girls rocked it. Samantha somehow managed to throw her dress up at the end of the runway. The designer was beyond insulted and made it very clear he wasn’t feeling her. Showing way too much! Hannah couldn’t hide her fear as she tried to work it blindfolded. At the end the runway show, Ms. J and Mr. J decided Hannah was the weakest link and she was sent packing. Then it was on to the photo shoot. The shoot took place at the house in the pool and was shot by none other than Nigel Barker. He photographed the models' eyes with their nose and mouth immersed in water. Joslyn struggled with her photo. Turns out she was having issues because she can’t swim. Isis also struggled with this shoot. She couldn’t keep her mind off of other things. She was in the water with her no-no parts taped up and covered with four bathing suit bottoms. Still, she couldn’t focus and kept wondering if something would come loose under water. Sheena and Analeigh worked it this week and delivered great shots. In the bottom two were Samantha and Isis. Samantha was there mainly because the designer had issues with her lifting his dress on the runway. Personally, I think this was an accident but he didn’t see it that way at ALL and went on and on and on about it. In the end it was Isis who was sent home because she just couldn’t keep her focus. Well, you gotta give it to her. She still made history by even making it on the show. Rock on, Isis!


Natural Goodness

I have been searching around for something to give my friends who are expecting a little bundle soon. I’ve come across many products that I’ll definitely stash away. I have one more to add to the list. Korres has a new product aimed at the mommy-to-be set. It’s an almond and avocado anti stretch mark cream. It’s filled with good stuff like shea butter, sunflower, almond and avocado oils and vitamins. They tout their ability to prevent stretch marks. It’s also supposed to make it 30% easier for your skin to return to its initial state after using the product twice a day for 3 months. That seems easy enough. While I’m not a mommy-to-be this is good to know in advance. I’ve talked about Korres before. This company makes all natural products that are good for you and good to you. I’m already addicted to their lip gloss and lip butter. Their almond and avocado anti stretch marks body cream will be added to the baby shower bag of goodies.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Livin' the Lush Life

I’ve been a Lush lover since they first opened their doors on Santa Monica ’s Third Street Promenade. The company specializes in unique, natural and handmade products that are complete Nirvana. I have become a huge fan of their bath bombs! They make soaking in the tub an interactive experience. The first one I tried created a very sensual experience. It released roses in the water as it fizzled away. They also release essential oils that make the water softer so your skin isn’t dry when your soak time is over. Doesn’t hurt that their products aren’t animal tested and cruelty free!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Women Only

I love NARS! Their have great products in beautiful colors and they are always fashionable! This time the makeup maven has truly outdone themselves. The newest color is awesome. It’s a dewy pink that will work on just about anyone. The name is what makes it completely over the top and completely NARS. Are you ready for this one? It’s called Female Trouble! That’s classic! For the name alone, this is a color I must rock this fall! It’s ultra shiny to give you the perfect pout. You can wear it alone or over another lip color to give it your own custom twist. Love it!

Girl it Up

There are so many things to love about Scarlett Johannsen. Her movies, her fashion sense, her activism but, if her engagement ring is number one on the list of things you love about ScarJo keep reading! The woman behind the design of her ring, Sonia Boyajian has a knack for making the unexpected beautiful. Each piece is a conversation starter and like nothing you’d typically find on the market. My faves are her necklaces which blend so many different shapes and colors together. This method of blending could easily get messy. Under her care they become statement pieces that add pop to any outfit. It’s no wonder Hollywood came calling. She sells her baubles out of her Hollywood studio. W Magazine called Sonia’s work “an explosive mix of girlish wit and off-kilter glamour.” We’re inclined to agree.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11, Ep. 4 Re-cap

This episode begins with Brittany and Analeigh talking about their weaknesses which means one thing – one of these chicks is going home. After the dramatic shenanigans (fairy tale speak, tiaras and pizza) of our girl Tyra, we're told that the girls are getting makeovers! The girls do the usual freak out and I personally think they need to get over it. You know this is coming and none of you were shaved bald, so zip it. Prime example is Elina. She's the most dramatic of all. Her makeover was pretty simple. She got a weave! Her issue with the weave it that it made her a red head. Big whoop! Your real hair is still underneath. Ms. Jay essentially told her the same thing. The girls are then whisked off to Wal-Mart where the are told they have to give an impromptu commercial for Cover Girl. The winner gets a display in Wal-Mart. Hannah aces this one. For this week's photo, the girls head to the beach. Isis is worried her no-no parts may be an issue in a bikini and her worry comes through in the photo. This time the photo shoot was a little more challenging too because Ms. Jay wasn't directing the shoot, the girls had to rock it on their own. Hannah had this crazy eye thing going on and couldn't seem to keep them under control. Brittany, who keeps being accused of being too pretty was, well… too pretty. She wasn't working with the photographer at all and looked painfully awkward during the shoot. Analeigh struggled with her posing too. That's been a big issue with her because the girl is an ice skater. She's expected to be more graceful and swan like. Brittany and Analiegh are shockingly in the bottom two. "Too pretty" Brittany is sent packing!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashionably Speaking...

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

~Coco Chanel

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who Rocked It?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has grown into quite a stunner! She stepped into the dark side with this black Botega Veneta gown on the red carpet. Christina Ricci wore the same gown for her own stroll down the red carpet. Both ladies made the LBD H-O-T, but who rocked it?


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANTM Re-Cap Ep. 3

Tonight's episode saw the return of Benny Ninja, the master of posing. He takes the girls to a studio where they pose in tubes made of sheer fabric that hangs from the ceiling. Everyone looks a little odd but Sheena. Who knew this girl was a contortionist. She worked it out and impressed Benny Ninja. This is a boost to Sheena who is always accused of being too hooch. Don't worry… the praise is short-lived. To put their new posing expertise to good use the girls will pose for designer ---. Their challenge is to pull off model like poses with her accessories line. Sheena thinks she has this one in the bag and she probably did until she posed with the designers bag in her crotch. Total insult. Almost as bad as Nikeysha who before even beginning to pose let everyone know she had to use the bathroom. Not a good idea. In the end, Elina won the challenge and a whole bunch of accessories. Back at the house, the girls are hanging out in the hot tub and decide to play truth or dare. Sheena was able to show off her "dancing" abilities and Elina got her dream granted and kissed Clark on a dare. While all of this is going on our resident Alaskan, Hannah is clearly uncomfortable. Then to further drive home the point – Isis innocently floats over to Hannah's corner of the pool and Hannah pushes her away. She's made her boundaries clear. She makes it known that she wouldn't hang out with characters like these in everyday life. She also professes to be a "typical white girl" – whatever that means. This brings on the race discussion. We knew it was coming. She's later asked point blank by Joslyn and crew if she's prejudice. She's outraged and the thought and burst into tears. She's consoled by Analeigh and McKey. I wonder if this is the last we'll hear of this? For their next challenge, the girls are taken to an open field where they're told their photo shoot will be them hanging from the ladder of a hot air balloon. Yes, hanging from a hot air balloon on a ladder! Lucky for them the challenge is modified since the weather didn't cooperate. The end up hanging from a ladder held up by a crane… whew, much better! Turns out we haven't heard the last of the race issue. This time the girls continue to discuss among themselves but no more confrontations – YAY! In panel, the standout is a question about Sheena's boobage. She's asked if they are real. She says yes and goes back to her spot in judging. Then before they dismiss the girls, Sheena steps up and says she needs to share something with the panel. Let's all take a guess at what it is… her boobies are fake! She just had to get that off her chest. For some reason this works in her favor because the judges forget about her lie and instead appreciate her honesty – even though they knew she was lying. After deliberations, Nikeysha and Isis are in the bottom two. The back talking Nikeysha gets the boot!


Fashion Debut

She's done the dVb jeans line, the sunglasses and the fragrance but, the buzz around Victoria "Posh" Beckham is about her new dress line! The line debuted at New York Fashion Week. In true "Posh" style, the swanky affair wasn't trotted down a catwalk. Vicki displayed her line to a special client list. This list included appointment only meetings with top retailers and high-end fashion magazine editors. I wish I was on that list! The collection is made up of day and evening dresses with seam details to compliment a woman's silhouette. Good thing for us these highly guarded garments are making their public showing. Here are a few to whet your whistle. She chose fabrics like fine gazar and georgette silks, taffeta and organza inlay finished off with embroidery from India and hand-sewn bead work. If you want to get your own piece of Ms. Vicki's dresses be ready to plunk down a pretty penny or 150, 000 of them. That's right, the frocks will start at $1,500 and climb the steep hill up to $3,600. I will say, the dresses practically scream classy femininity. This collection was said to be very personal for Vicky, I guess that's why each piece looks like it was plucked straight from her closet.

In other note-worthy news, Posh didn't only unveil a new dress line, she unleashed a new do! Check it out!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wrap it Up

Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Tori Spelling all rocked this look all summer. It was the summer of scarves. Celebs every where took hold of the trend and made it their own. It's not one that I could get behind this time around. It's a cute look and all. But, it's 90 degrees outside and I'm supposed to wrap up? Now that the seasons are changing, I'm endorsing scarves! Tolani's scarves seem like a good place to start. The designers combine elements of traditional cultures and mix them with modern design to come up with something unique and fashionable. The scarves are handcrafted and have garnered a celeb following. (see aforementioned ladies)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall's Perfect Go-To Bag

Anya Hindmarch introduced a new bag for the fall… it's the the Perry. Its inspiration comes from her mother style in the seventies. The bag is already gaining popularity having been featured in In Style, Elle and Vogue. The bag is a mixture of tan and chocolate in hue and leather and suede fabric. The metallic accents are a nod to thin metallic belts worn by the designers mother. It's a pretty roomy bag that seems like a perfect companion for the many hues of fall.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Fashionably Speaking...

All I want is the best of everything and there's very little of that left.

~ Cecil Beaton, English photographer and fashion desinger

Photo:michael hoppen gallery

Fashion Week Begins...

The Olympics may be over but its fashion equivalent is just beginning. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week begins today! Celebs are descending on New York to watch the who's who of fashion show off their wares. New York's Bryant Park is abuzz with fashion's finest. Heavy Hitters like Max Azria, Tracy Reese and Reem Acra have descended upon New York to flex a few fierce muscles! I can't wait to see what spring must-have's will be calling me from the runway!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ANTM Season Premiere Re-Cap Eps. 1 & 2

America's Next Top Model Contestants

The season opener of America's Next Top Model wasn't its most highly rated but the buzz building around it was definitely its most controversial. Weeks leading up to the season premiere there had been talk about a huge first for the show. For the first time in the show's now eleven cycle history one of the contestants, Isis, would be transgender. Certainly a buzz builder! I watched not for the controversy but because ANTM is one of my favorite shows! As a fashion lover and former model, this is my kind of TV. The cycle kicked off with a sci-fi tone and promised to switch things up for this the 11th cycle. In usual Top Model fashion the contestants were cut down from 33 until there were only 14 standing (three of which were named Brittany). Isis was also among the lucky girls to make the cut. When it was revealed to the girls that Isis was actually born a guy, some of them took it in stride while for others it was clearly a problem. One of the girls made her disdain clear by saying America's Next Top Model isn't for drag queens. Ouch! One of the shockers for me this cycle was the lack of a plus sized model in the final bunch. I think that's a first. The other shocker was Joslyn. The southern belle tried out for ANTM at least 30 times before making it to the actual show! That's dedication. For the challenge the girls had one-on-one interviews with the judges to try to make a good impression. The purpose of these meetings were lost on a few of the girls. Sharaun being one of them. Her overly dramatic introduction of "I am America's Next Top Model" turned the judges off. After the challenge, there was a photo shoot. The politically themed shoot was Top Model's nod to the upcoming election. Sharaun showed up in the bottom two, not so much for her picture but more because she freaked the judges out in the interviews. Standing next to her was Nikeysha. The judges questioned Nikeysha's leg placement in her photo and she interrupted them every step of the way. While her picture wasn't a deal breaker, her continuous interruption during panel almost sent her home. After all was said and done, Nikeysha got to stick around provided she keeps her mouth shut. Sharaun was sent home. When she got the news she broke down like no one I've ever seen in ANTM history! She fell to her knees and was barely able to get up and hug Tyra good-bye. She really wanted it, maybe too much.


Comfort Me!

Los Angeles could easily be re-named the City of Summer. Even though we can get away with wearing flip-flops year round, we like to at least pretend we have seasons. Lucky for us, there are so many fabulous shops that really cater to your season-less side. One such find is Creatures of Comfort. This Melrose Ave. shop is full of lovely boots, booties, stilettos and peep toes to keep your feet fashionable not matter the season. My favorite has to be these peep toe stilettos. From the sophisticated heel to the sexy peep toe these shoes are a must have. The flirty feather only adds to it's style. Another fave style feature is the versatility of this shoe. You can tighten the strings for a sophisticated look or you can wear them loose for a more casual flavor.


Monday, September 1, 2008

White Hot

Blue stocking sweater
Chamak white resin crystal bracelets
Mblem flutter top
Robert Rodriguez

Good old Labor Day. The last "un-official" day of summer and the beginning of the hunt for fall trends. It's been said where I'm from (mid-west) that after Labor Day all of the lovely white slacks, shoes and bags are put out to pasture. No white after Labor Day has been a rule of thumb for years! This rule is rumored to be from the south. It's part of the rule that says white should only be worn after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. The reasons for the rule varies. Some say that white reflects heat and would fail to keep you warm in the cooler months. Whatever the reason wearing white outside of the specific window of these holidays has long been considered a fashion faux-paus. In recent years though, this rule has been given the BOOT! It's officially a rule that can be broken. Some fashionistas maintain that white handbags, shoes or obviously white summer clothes are still a no-no. Other than that, all bets are off. Here are a few finds you may try to work into your fall/winter wardrobe.


Happy Work-Free Day!