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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANTM Re-Cap Ep. 3

Tonight's episode saw the return of Benny Ninja, the master of posing. He takes the girls to a studio where they pose in tubes made of sheer fabric that hangs from the ceiling. Everyone looks a little odd but Sheena. Who knew this girl was a contortionist. She worked it out and impressed Benny Ninja. This is a boost to Sheena who is always accused of being too hooch. Don't worry… the praise is short-lived. To put their new posing expertise to good use the girls will pose for designer ---. Their challenge is to pull off model like poses with her accessories line. Sheena thinks she has this one in the bag and she probably did until she posed with the designers bag in her crotch. Total insult. Almost as bad as Nikeysha who before even beginning to pose let everyone know she had to use the bathroom. Not a good idea. In the end, Elina won the challenge and a whole bunch of accessories. Back at the house, the girls are hanging out in the hot tub and decide to play truth or dare. Sheena was able to show off her "dancing" abilities and Elina got her dream granted and kissed Clark on a dare. While all of this is going on our resident Alaskan, Hannah is clearly uncomfortable. Then to further drive home the point – Isis innocently floats over to Hannah's corner of the pool and Hannah pushes her away. She's made her boundaries clear. She makes it known that she wouldn't hang out with characters like these in everyday life. She also professes to be a "typical white girl" – whatever that means. This brings on the race discussion. We knew it was coming. She's later asked point blank by Joslyn and crew if she's prejudice. She's outraged and the thought and burst into tears. She's consoled by Analeigh and McKey. I wonder if this is the last we'll hear of this? For their next challenge, the girls are taken to an open field where they're told their photo shoot will be them hanging from the ladder of a hot air balloon. Yes, hanging from a hot air balloon on a ladder! Lucky for them the challenge is modified since the weather didn't cooperate. The end up hanging from a ladder held up by a crane… whew, much better! Turns out we haven't heard the last of the race issue. This time the girls continue to discuss among themselves but no more confrontations – YAY! In panel, the standout is a question about Sheena's boobage. She's asked if they are real. She says yes and goes back to her spot in judging. Then before they dismiss the girls, Sheena steps up and says she needs to share something with the panel. Let's all take a guess at what it is… her boobies are fake! She just had to get that off her chest. For some reason this works in her favor because the judges forget about her lie and instead appreciate her honesty – even though they knew she was lying. After deliberations, Nikeysha and Isis are in the bottom two. The back talking Nikeysha gets the boot!


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