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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11, Ep. 5 Recap

This week on America’s Next Top Model girls got a chance to strut their stuff. They met with Ms. J at a bowling alley of all places to work it! Most of them do OK. Elina’s walk will improve when she allows herself to lose control. Samantha has the opposite problem. She’s bow-legged, so she has to get more control of her legs to perfect her strut. Then there’s Hannah. She’s the last weak link when it comes to the catwalk. After more practice with Ms. J the girls are off to their challenge. It’s a runway show! This is where they throw us for a loop. The girl who does the worst in the show will be sent home. No picture, no panel, no Tyra. She’ll have to leave immediately after the show. Before they prep for the show, the girls are told of the final twist. While they’re strutting on the runway, they’ll be blindfolded! Most of the girls rocked it. Samantha somehow managed to throw her dress up at the end of the runway. The designer was beyond insulted and made it very clear he wasn’t feeling her. Showing way too much! Hannah couldn’t hide her fear as she tried to work it blindfolded. At the end the runway show, Ms. J and Mr. J decided Hannah was the weakest link and she was sent packing. Then it was on to the photo shoot. The shoot took place at the house in the pool and was shot by none other than Nigel Barker. He photographed the models' eyes with their nose and mouth immersed in water. Joslyn struggled with her photo. Turns out she was having issues because she can’t swim. Isis also struggled with this shoot. She couldn’t keep her mind off of other things. She was in the water with her no-no parts taped up and covered with four bathing suit bottoms. Still, she couldn’t focus and kept wondering if something would come loose under water. Sheena and Analeigh worked it this week and delivered great shots. In the bottom two were Samantha and Isis. Samantha was there mainly because the designer had issues with her lifting his dress on the runway. Personally, I think this was an accident but he didn’t see it that way at ALL and went on and on and on about it. In the end it was Isis who was sent home because she just couldn’t keep her focus. Well, you gotta give it to her. She still made history by even making it on the show. Rock on, Isis!


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