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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11, Ep. 4 Re-cap

This episode begins with Brittany and Analeigh talking about their weaknesses which means one thing – one of these chicks is going home. After the dramatic shenanigans (fairy tale speak, tiaras and pizza) of our girl Tyra, we're told that the girls are getting makeovers! The girls do the usual freak out and I personally think they need to get over it. You know this is coming and none of you were shaved bald, so zip it. Prime example is Elina. She's the most dramatic of all. Her makeover was pretty simple. She got a weave! Her issue with the weave it that it made her a red head. Big whoop! Your real hair is still underneath. Ms. Jay essentially told her the same thing. The girls are then whisked off to Wal-Mart where the are told they have to give an impromptu commercial for Cover Girl. The winner gets a display in Wal-Mart. Hannah aces this one. For this week's photo, the girls head to the beach. Isis is worried her no-no parts may be an issue in a bikini and her worry comes through in the photo. This time the photo shoot was a little more challenging too because Ms. Jay wasn't directing the shoot, the girls had to rock it on their own. Hannah had this crazy eye thing going on and couldn't seem to keep them under control. Brittany, who keeps being accused of being too pretty was, well… too pretty. She wasn't working with the photographer at all and looked painfully awkward during the shoot. Analeigh struggled with her posing too. That's been a big issue with her because the girl is an ice skater. She's expected to be more graceful and swan like. Brittany and Analiegh are shockingly in the bottom two. "Too pretty" Brittany is sent packing!


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