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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ANTM Season Premiere Re-Cap Eps. 1 & 2

America's Next Top Model Contestants

The season opener of America's Next Top Model wasn't its most highly rated but the buzz building around it was definitely its most controversial. Weeks leading up to the season premiere there had been talk about a huge first for the show. For the first time in the show's now eleven cycle history one of the contestants, Isis, would be transgender. Certainly a buzz builder! I watched not for the controversy but because ANTM is one of my favorite shows! As a fashion lover and former model, this is my kind of TV. The cycle kicked off with a sci-fi tone and promised to switch things up for this the 11th cycle. In usual Top Model fashion the contestants were cut down from 33 until there were only 14 standing (three of which were named Brittany). Isis was also among the lucky girls to make the cut. When it was revealed to the girls that Isis was actually born a guy, some of them took it in stride while for others it was clearly a problem. One of the girls made her disdain clear by saying America's Next Top Model isn't for drag queens. Ouch! One of the shockers for me this cycle was the lack of a plus sized model in the final bunch. I think that's a first. The other shocker was Joslyn. The southern belle tried out for ANTM at least 30 times before making it to the actual show! That's dedication. For the challenge the girls had one-on-one interviews with the judges to try to make a good impression. The purpose of these meetings were lost on a few of the girls. Sharaun being one of them. Her overly dramatic introduction of "I am America's Next Top Model" turned the judges off. After the challenge, there was a photo shoot. The politically themed shoot was Top Model's nod to the upcoming election. Sharaun showed up in the bottom two, not so much for her picture but more because she freaked the judges out in the interviews. Standing next to her was Nikeysha. The judges questioned Nikeysha's leg placement in her photo and she interrupted them every step of the way. While her picture wasn't a deal breaker, her continuous interruption during panel almost sent her home. After all was said and done, Nikeysha got to stick around provided she keeps her mouth shut. Sharaun was sent home. When she got the news she broke down like no one I've ever seen in ANTM history! She fell to her knees and was barely able to get up and hug Tyra good-bye. She really wanted it, maybe too much.


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