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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beyond my "Sex"pectations

The much-hyped movie of the summer was all that it promised... And then some! Sex and the City delivered just as I expected. As a fan, I've been counting down to the premiere of this movie since last year. It was so good to see the ladies back, in top form, and better than ever! I laughed, cried and didn't want the show to end. Even at over two hours, the half hour sitcom cum big screen flick didn't lag at ALL. The theater in LA was electric! There was nothing but ladies for as far as the eye could see. My friends and I were first in line and as soon as the rope was lifted, we led the way to mecca. The ladies screamed as we all piled into the theater. We all took pictures of each other and the seemingly miles of women in line. All in all, it was the best experience I've had at the theater in a long time! If you haven't seen it, GO! Thoughts on the flick? Let me know...

Friday, May 30, 2008


Fellow fashionistas... I'll be on vacay for the next week so posts will be sparse. I'll load it up on my return! Much love, Be FABULOUS!

Cerfitied Gold

How can I put this delicately? I NEED this shoe! That Michael Kors has done it again with a sassy shoe that I need in my life. It's the perfect mesh of feminine and sexy! The color, the open toe and the lace up feature make this shoe uber sexy. Add to it that the shoe happens to be a wedge (wedge = comfort) and this may be the perfect shoe.

Golden Girl

What's your best physical asset? If you said legs, you might want to give this a try. Glam gams by tarte makes it easier to make your legs stand out. It's a bronzer made especially for your legs. A little golden glow never hurt anybody. I mean if your legs are getting all the attention anyway, they might as well shine!

Photo:sephora (tarte)

Butter Me Up

I'm a huge fan of moisturizers, I'm a bigger fan of moisturizers that work well and smell GOOD. All of the above is true about Carol's Daughter body butter. Carol's Daughter products are always packed with good for you stuff. That makes the line easier to wear since I know it's not filled with a bunch of foreign stuff I can't pronounce. I'm currently LOVING the Ocean fragrance. At this time of year, there's no place I'd rather be than the beach looking out at the ocean. For those days when I can't make my way out there... this will do just fine.

Photo: carol's daughter

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean

Every girl needs her smell goods and I'm no different. I've found a scent that makes me smile and it's made its way into my daily rotation! Fresh has concocted this lovely, ahem, fresh scent that makes me want lemonade. Could be because there are notes of lemon in the fragrance. For me, it's a perfect everyday scent. It's not too heavy or strong, but instead it's really subtle. It's definitely making the summer staple list.


Who Rocked It?

Two divas - one dress. Heidi Klum was spotted at an event wearing this Roberto Cavalli number and Mariah Cary rocked the same dress at her performance at the Time 100 event. Both ladies worked it out, but... Who Rocked It?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Love GOLD!

In case we need further proof... gold seems to be the color of the season! One red carpets all over celebs are embracing the trend and making it their own. Some are pulling it off. Some, ahem, tried really hard.

The Golden One

The definition of a must-have... this shoe! This Nine West pump is my new obsession. While it's a simple gold pump, there is sooooo much I can do with this shoe. Since metallics are the new neutrals, possibilities are endless. I'm loving the open toe, it's perfect for summer. The strap is a little different and makes it just unique enough to not be your everyday shoe. Ahh, It's golden.

Photo:nine west

Denim Do-Over?

Stop the presses! Apparently, denim jackets are back in! Thing is, I didn't know they left. I mean, of course some styles have taken a back seat for a while but denim in general has fashion staple written all over it. Well it seems the old school denim jacket is making a comeback of sorts. Rock it with a dress for a chilled out look, while still maintaining your feminine touch.

So Sweet

I may be biased.... as far as fragrances go, I love all things Escada! For the most part they have a sweetness to them that screams "I'm a girly, girl". This nifty little set is a Collector's Edition and feature FIVE scents. They're the perfect size to throw into your bag for a night out. The set is being sold at Sephora. Kick your summer off... sweetly.


Monday, May 26, 2008

As Sweet As A Daisy

I love Marc Jacobs! Glam shoes, bags, clothes and everything in between. The uber designer has given his fragrance, Daisy, a new look. This limited edition solid perfume ring is an accessory that works overtime, making you look AND smell good. The fab fragrance can now be with you any where, any time... wherever you roam!

What a Girl Needs

Hitting the road this summer? It can be a challenge to get all a girl needs into the luggage without making a mess. This set from Clinique makes it a little easier. It includes regular and travel sizes of facial cleanser, clarifying lotion and moisturizer. You can get all you need in one chic little floral pouch. Now getting all of your shoes to fit into that overnighter.... that's a whole other issue.

Photo: sephora

Trend Tracker...SATC

Sex and The City has inspired more trends than we can count. One of the most notable being the bloom Carrie wore on a regular basis! Definitely tried that one. In the film version, maven, Patricia Field doesn't disappoint with the wardrobe. SJP alone has over 80 wardrobe changes! Be on the lookout for oh, so many trends to try. We've seen bold colors, metallics as neutrals and BELTS! Around just about every dress we've seen so far is a waist cinching belt. Will definitely be trying this one. It's a little more budget friendly, than say... Manolo's.
Did SATC change your style?

Photo:New Line Cinema

New Season, New Scent

For those of us in L.A., it seems like summer just went away when it was supposed to begin. Whining aside, summer kicks off today! We say new season, new scent! The scent we're feeling is Hampton Sun Privet Bloom. We discovered this fragrance last year and fell in love! If you favor fresh, clean scents... this may be your new summer staple. It has a light floral scent and is said to capture resort town, the Hamptons in a bottle. If you won't be making the scene in the Hamptons this summer, at least you can smell like it, right?


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let the Sun Shine In!

Skies are gray here in L.A. This bag will be my burst of sunshine! Bright colors are a season staple at this point and you won't hear me complaining. Nine West is bringing color back in this bag and tied it up with a nice pretty bow. It's a gift of sunshine. Hey, I'll take it where I can get it! Check out their site for other color options.

Photo:nine west

Seventies Swinging...

We know 70's style jeans are back. They're everywhere you turn. The question is, how do you rock it? Peep-toe heels or wedges work great with this style and give you a little lift. Without it, you could look like a bit of a footless wonder.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sex & the City - The Movie

It's so close... And everyone I know is buzzing about the premiere of SATC! All over L.A. parties are planned. It's clear, this premiere is the movie event of the summer! I already have my ticket. Will you be there? (New Line Cinema)

Daddy Do's

Father's Day is rapidly approaching. If you're stuck on gift ideas for dear old Dad here are a few options:

For the sports nut, how about an encased baseball from the ball park of one his favorite teams? I found this one at Nieman Marcus. It's only $34 with shipping.

For the tech savvy dad there's the solar powered charger. These are great because they can be plugged in or use solar power to charge MP3 players, cell phones, etc. It's a pretty good deal at just $100 also found at Nieman Marcus. A tried and true gift for dad are smell goods. This one by Gucci is NICE! I bought if for the hubby and it's definitely a winner.

Now if money isn't an option - go for this Cartier watch at Nieman Marcus for a mere $7900.

Happy shopping!

Hit the Clutch!

This bag has caught my eye on several occasions... at the salon, at the office and hanging under the arms of random strangers. This fold over clutch is cool because it's a bit of a transformer. You can carry it on your arm or under it. That feature alone makes it perfect for any and every occasion. I've seen one I LOVE in a snakeskin print. It's pretty hard to make a choice though with so many lovely hues to choose from. At some point, I'll have to make my move from staring at the clutches of others and get one under my arm.

Photo:nine west

Friday, May 23, 2008

Get Glad

A few posts ago I talked about gladiator sandals... I just stumbled across this pair and I'm feeling the need to go shopping. These sparklers are from Sam Edelman... I LOVE their shoes already and need to add these to my shoe closet! The style adds some pretty cool details and I'm a sucker for details. What can I say, that's one sexy gladiator! (Sam Edelman)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Bold Bright

On the accessories side of things, it seems everything is getting big! Necklaces are chunky, bags are ginormous and rings look like brooches. They are darn right big, bright and bold and I for one couldn't be happier. It makes adding a chic touch to your look so much simpler. This ring from Erika Pena can add a little glam to anything from jeans and a tee to an evening gown on the red carpet. Taking your look from everyday to runway is as easy as going big! Pena)

Easy Being Green

I'm not sure Kermit the frog was right when he sang it ain't easy being green... because this bag makes green look pretty darn good! Taking a page from a growing trend, this bag from Marni pops with a bright green that's hard to miss! Why would you want to miss a bag this delish? It's perfect for adding a summer pick me up to any outfit. It's a bit on the pricey side but, it makes being green fun!


Are you ready for this jelly?

The 80's are in FULL comeback mode! Who knew that decade could be so fly? I'm not sure I want to go back to the jelly's of old but this take on it works for me. These jelly thongs from Michael Kors could be just what the summer ordered. The cute sandal hits it's stride and pulls off comfy while still being chic in a key color of the season. Check them out with more colors to suit your fancy!

Photo: Michael

Hot or Not?

So I have seen these leggings on celebs everywhere! It's a slick take on your everyday leggings. Kinda puts me in the mind of Catwoman. You must be beyond confident to pull this look off. It's not for the faint of fashion. What surprised me most was that this pair is from Members Only! If I'm not mistaken, it's the same Members Only that made everybody's favorite jacket back in the 80's. If I'm right... they have definitely been on upgrade mode!



Hennes & Mauritz, also known as H&M is doing it again. You know the fab shop that brought us lines from Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli. The budget-friendly, super-chic, superstore is having it's family and friends event! It's the mother of Memorial Day sales. Register to get your coupon and get saving! Just spend $60 and get 20% off your total purchase. Let's not forget that $60 goes a long way at H&M. Go to to get your coupon. The coupon is valid from Friday the 23rd thru Monday the 26th. It's beyond worth it!

I Want Ruffles Part Deux

Just found this ruffled confection that looks like sunshine. Soak it up!

Natural Pucker

As the search for natural continues... I stumbled my way onto a lip color that convinced me going natural can look sooooooooooo good! Bare Escentuals lip gloss has made me a believer! I tried te gloss in Foxy Brown... the shade was calling my name, what can I say? The gloss goes on smooth and isn't super sticky. The shade I chose is pretty natural and can be worn alone or with a little lip liner to make it pop. Other noteworthy shades that suit the season are Purr and Glee. Get your foxy brown purr on and be filled with glee!

White HOT!

What's cooler than white in the summer? Nothing! You already know you're an angel, you might as well look the part. How, you ask? Start here. This lacey look keeps your angelic side in tact, but shows enough leg in case you change your mind. This look is perfect for a date night or day out with the girls. This dress makes white even cooler.

A Little Summer YUM!

As summer staples go... this one is a must-have! In my search for all natural products, I've found Carol's Daughter has created the perfect sea salt scrub. I use the Mango Mélange scent on almost a daily basis. Does that qualify for addiction? If so, sign me up for the 12 step program! The scrub combines natural oils (jojoba and avocado) to leave you glowing after it scrubs away the dead skin. Let's not forget about the fragrance. Your bathroom will smell like a spa, let it take you away! Another unexpected treat - there's a slice of mango right in the middle of the jar. Love it! I've also heard great things about their almond cookie version. I'm working my way around to it! Check out or to try them yourself. Trust me, you'll be hooked.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Want Ruffles!

Ruffles aren't just for little girls with curls. Designers are getting more feminine, more subtly sexy and I love it! You'll see this trend all over the stores as the temps rise. You can rock it any way you choose. For me this look is best carried out with flowing fabrics like silk, satin, or even a nice, whisper thin cotton. With ruffles, it's easy to feel pretty. Heck, you can even wear curls.
Photo:neiman marcus (Robert Rodriguez)

Cork it out!

How do you like your cork, in a champagne bottle or on your shoe? If the fashion gods are lucky, you'll be rocking a little cork on your perfectly pedicured feet in no time. The trend is coming on strong with platform, peep-toe styles. Are they a fashion do or do-over?



Gladiator sandals? Check! Maxi dress? Check? Wait! Your summer checklist isn't complete without the season's hottest bag! The bag du jour this summer is large and patent leather! The color is totally up to you. The colors we can't seem to get enough of are summer lovin' silver, sun goddess gold or the staple hue: banging black. Here are a few on the luxury side of things to whet your whistle. (Fendi)& Cole)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Pole Needed...

It's almost Memorial Day and you know what that means... summer is around the corner! We'll all be wearing less and showing more. Let's not show too much though. One thing you MUST have on hand for all those barely there summer tops... some call them pasties, some call them nipple covers. I call them necessary! This summer staple has got you covered. No need to be the victim of a nip slip.

Jump for it!

There's almost nothing easier to wear than a sundress. You slip it on and go! So easy, so carefree. Imagine if you could feel that way about a pantsuit. Just as easy and flirty as a dress, but even more carefree because they're pants. Uber-designer Stella McCartney had done it again. She's created a one piece that combines all the things we love for this time of year. The absolute must have pretty florals, in flowy fabrics that feel divine when sliding across your skin. Perfect to rock for a night out and still works for daytime casual chic. Love it!

Photo: Gweneth & Sienna

Don't Call it a Comeback!

They're baaack! The jeans of the 70's are making a comeback. Think Charlie's Angels - the Farrah Fawcett series, not the Cameron Diaz movie. The jeans with the tiny waist and the wide leg is making a return in a big way! We already knew wide leg jeans were on the "it" list, now they've got a 70's twist. Everyone is taking their turn at the throwback style, so there's bound to be one that fits in every girls budget. Check around with Joe's Jeans and Victoria's Secret for styles and prices that suit your fancy.

Shot in the Dark...

The Chanel Cruise 2009 collection was a show stopper! The king of controversy, fashionably speaking, Uncle Karl strikes ahem, shoots again. The cruise line was the stuff of couture dreams. Pantsuits and dresses galore that screamed "buy me!" from the runway. The sky high shoes that would make any fashionista blush. The show stealer that left lips flapping were the shoes... the gun shoes. I'm all for creativity, but these took creative instinct to another level.

Maxing Out

Paris Hilton & Gwen Stefani

As the temperatures rise, the season brings the need for no-must, no-fuss attire. Coming on strong this year is the maxi dress. It's one trend that can be worn by anyone and look GREAT! Long-limbed sisters take note: this dress is definitely a friend of the tall girl! It shows off the long assets in a casual way that looks oh-so-chic. No need to be tall to make the look your own! For gals a little on the shorter side, work the look with strappy heeled sandals and look instantly taller and slimmer. It's a celeb fave for this time of year (especially for those with baby bumps)... but you don't have to be a-list to rock this look. Find great styles, in the budget, at sites like


Friday, May 16, 2008

Trend Worthy?

I'm all for the "blast from the past" in the name of fashion. I really am. This particular trend, however, gives me pause. Straight from the nineties, It's the return of the color jean! From Rhianna to Cameron, everyone seems to jumping on board and it seems no hue is off limits. The most popular I've seen being scooped up by the fashion savvy? J and Company. They seem to have the market cornered on this particular trend. Others are definitely catching on though. I'm not sure I'm ready to board that train rainbow colored jeans. I wonder is this really coming back and if it's going to be around - I wish I had kept mine from the first go round.
Photo: &

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Glad about it

Popping up on the toes of "it" girls everywhere gladiator sandals are a must-have for the summer! The shoe has several things working in its favor:

1. They're flat - casual days can be cute without a stiletto.

2. They come in colors that match everything - can you say gold, silver, fig brown and black!

3. There isn't just one gladiator look - find the one you love and rock it out!

4. You can find a pair that works with any budget. These lovelies are from Old Navy.

How many more reasons do you need to check out the trend o' the summer?

5. Did I mention they're super cute?

Photo: Old Navy

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lindsay's Leggings

It's a trend that isn't so new... but it seems to be sticking around. At least that what Lindsay Lohan is banking on. The sometimes starlet is hitting the market with her own line of leggings. My question, has this ship sailed?

French Chic

Maybe it's all the trips to Paris? Style icon in the making, Beyonce, has been spotted all over rocking a new accessory. No, not her wedding ring, a beret? I love the look! It can be casual cool or dress it up for chic evening look.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hat Heard Round the World...


One of our fave fashion icons, Sarah Jessica Parker, was seeing green at the London premiere of Sex and the City. In true British form, SJP topped off her Alexander McQueen frock with a hat... but not just any hat. Her topper had tongues wagging across the pond and beyond. It was a special creation by designer Phillip Treacy . She only saw the hat TWO HOURS before the premiere and being the fearless fashionista that she is, she wore it and worked it! Maybe, she's just taking "going green" to another level?

Pout it out!

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

I think it’s pretty proven that colors influence our mood. So if you’re feeling daring, no need to say a word, just let your lips do the talking! In case you missed the memo, the 80’s have made a comeback and pink pouty lips are the “it” thing for spring! You know the kind you couldn’t get enough of in the 80’s. It’s back… in a big way! Go bold and try this trend. One word of advice: have fun with the shade but try to stay away from the Pepto-Bismol pink. A good place to start your perfect pink color search would be MAC. The makeup giant has teamed up with designing duo, Heatherette for a collection of colors that will leave you speechless! Who better than the dynamic twosome to create your perfect eighties pout? Try their Hollywood Nights shade to get you going. I wouldn’t pair the look with anything too extreme. Translation: leave the neon at home. Let’s just go with one 80’s throwback at a time. Thankfully the trends from that decade have been limited to the good stuff. There were plenty of the bad to leave behind, I mean, shoulder pads anyone? Bad eighties flashback aside… Go all out! Consider finding your perfect pink pout a challenge!

Get Busy

Photos: Juicy Couture (Bloomingdale's)

For any fashionista, spring is an exciting time. It’s time to shed the winter blues and heavy coats for flowing fabrics and open toe shoes! This spring is no exception and there is no shortage of trends to covet! Get ready to pile it on! We all know that accessories can make or break any outfit. For the spring and summer months everything is going big… from bags to bangles and everything in between. This season, that area between your head and your shoulders is getting some extra attention. Some of our favorite glamazons have been seen on the red carpet with a little extra going on around the neck area. It seems the more you pile on the better! Necklaces are getting busier, longer and larger. It’s a trend that’s pretty easy to pull off as long as you remember some rules. If your top or dress already has embellishments, leave the layered necklaces at home. This look works best with a simple top or dress. It’s going to demand attention. No need to add extras and make it look too busy. There’s another trend getting some spotlight time – cuffs. From metal to stacked, it’s a look easy to love and bring out your inner warrior. Just make sure it’s more Fierce Fashionista and less Xena Princess Warrior.