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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Man O Mani

The hardest thing about getting a manicure - choosing a color! Well, maybe this will save you the agony of choosing french manicure or ballerina pink. With Serge Lutens nail lacquer you'll be showing off your perfectly mani'd pinkies in no time. Colors run the gamut from a dark burgundy to nude. I guess that doesn't really solve that whole picking a color issue, huh? Well here's the other kicker - colors this rich will cost you... $65. Maybe it has a no-chip guarantee?
Photo: Barney's New York

Muy Bueno, Miu Miu

Is it the bag? Is it the shoes? I think it's both. Miu Miu has unveiled its fall collection and fall is looking good! From the multi-hued suede bootie to the quilted shoulder bag, I'm in love. The booties have a sexy heel and suede strips of strappy-ness. They are the perfect bootie for fall and winter - I'd want to wear them everyday. The there's the bag. It reminds me of a Chanel style or Marc Jacobs bag because of the quilting. It's roomy for the many things we gals-on-the-go like to throw in our bags. Again, I have to say, fall is looking GOOD!


miu miu - fall is looking good

Who Rocked It?

The Herve Leger dress may be the dress of the year! I have seen every singer and/or startlet rocking this dress in one style or another. This time it's small screen star Amanda Bynes at an L.A. event. She kept it simple with a small clutch and pumps. Then, new mom Christina Aguliera put her spin on it with a leather jacket and platform pumps. What do you think, who rocked it?

See CB2, Love CB2

For home furnishings there are a few stores to turn to. CB2 is one of them. If you're a San Franciscan, today is your lucky day. CB2 is having it's grand opening today in Union Square! Find furniture with modern twist, home accessories and great deals all under one roof! Enjoy San Francisco!

Photo: CB2

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Side of Bacon

Out of nowhere, I became a California girl. The uniform du jour is a t-shirt or tank top with jeans and flip flops (heels if you're going out). So, the company Better Bacon has my full attention. They are on a worthwhile mission! It's a collective of artists from those in video production, music and a comic book series. They create all kinds of things, including wearable art. They have a new line of t-shirts designed by kids and young adults with developmental disabilities. Each t-shirt features the pic of the artist on the tag with a personal statement! So cool! The artist gets paid for every sale of the tee's. Even cooler! They're available at Kitson online.

Off the Cuff

Is it a work of art or an artsy piece of work? I'm going to go with both. Wonder Woman had her bracelets to keep her safe and invincible. Now you have yours! The Fenton star burst cuff is a cute little accessory and while it may not have super powers, no one has to know! This handmade cuff is crafted out of solid brass. I like it because it's adjustable, so I can rock it on my upper arm or on my wrist. I have gained a new appreciation for cuffs. I guess I never knew Wonder Woman had it so good!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dooney to me!

Attention Ladies! Dooney and Burke is having its end of season sale. The designer is slashing the prices on select items as much as 50% off. The sale goes until August 3rd. The catch - you ask? The sale is at the stores only! Is there a store in your area? Check their site ( ) to find out and then get your shop on - with a discount.

Shake a Tail Feather

One of our favorite fashionistas is shaking up the fashion industry with this feathered number. Kimora created this mini for her KLS collection. No surprise that this skirt comes from the woman who coined the term "fabulosity". It's a decadent show stopper made to show off your gams. It's made with peacock-colored feathers and silk and will definitely make a statement. That is the goal, right?


Prada - Take Me Away!

I've never been one to shop for handbags seasonally but this Prada bag might change my mind! It's butter soft leather is practical enough for everyday. The flutter detail makes it a little more special and dressed up. It never hurts to have a chic, roomy shoulder bag on your arm and one that looks good is even better.

Photo: bergdorf goodman

What is Art?

Is it a brooch, a stone, or a ring? Well, I guess it's kinda all three. This Erickson Beamon creation can fall into many categories, conversation piece being one of them. In case you haven't noticed, cocktail rings are in and the bigger... the better! While this one looks brooch-is, it's actually a stone cluster ring. Covered by the gold leaf embellishments, the black and opalescent stones are unique and glam all at the same time. The just-thrown-together look of the ring makes it even more interesting. What do you think - is it arsty or just plain confusing?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tween Scene

I just stumbled upon this shop in L.A. It's clearly for the clothes-obsessed tween set! It's called Fashionology LA. If you know a future Project Runway wanna-be this is the store for them. Designers in the making can create their own clothes. There are 26 options to choose from for creating their masterpiece. Your budding fashionista can choose pants, dress, tank, etc. to express herself. They have all she'll need to personalize her piece. If she hits a creative block, a fashionologist is standing by to help out. The tween set will never be the same.
Photo: fashionology L.A.

Fashionably Speaking...

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
~Coco Chanel - French fashion designer

Say What?

Let your neck do the talking! That seems to be the attitude this season. Statement necklaces are everywhere you look! From the red carpet to department stores, the busy bauble is the accessory du jour. This one is called a pirate pearl necklace. With a mix of pearls, large and small, and various chains, it doesn't get much busier! The idea here seems to be "more is more". While you can find a version of this necklace at stores everywhere, you can also make your own. Grab a couple of varying size strands of pearls and chain necklaces and mix with necklaces of eclectic styles and sizes. Viola - statement necklace!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July

There are a few things that get my attention - bows fall in that group (it signifies a gift). This ring would be a gift that gets attention. Designer, Martin Margiela has taken the classic bow and made it a fashion statement. You can find it at Brown's in London. It's large and in charge - never a bad thing - and sits on an expandable band. Seems fitting for a birthday or Christmas gift. How cute would this be affixed to a gift box? It can be a little flashy being that it's a HUGE gift bow but rocked the right way it can be oh-so-chic!

Smells So Good

You do your own thing. You have your own style. You set your own trends. You should have your own scent. Consider it done! This little Parisian shop called the different company has just what you need. All of the scents are made of organic fragrances from exotic flowers. To create your signature scent choose from roses, violets and other flowers from around the globe. Pick your flowers, choose your perfume bottle and you're good to go. An all natural signature fragrance? Going green never smelled so good!

FALL-ing in LOVE!

Wow, wow and um, wow! This boot got my full attention - right away! We may be soaking up the summer sun but, Jimmy Choo is ready to step into fall. With this boot leading the way, how could you help but follow? The leather and suede give it texture while the gold zip kicks some sass! The Jimmy Choo standard 4 inch heel makes it beyond sexy! While I'm known to speak ill of the pain of the pointed toe, I could suffer for this boot. What I won't do is talk about the price tag!

Photo: Bergdorf Goodman


As any warm-blooded fashionista knows, Christan Siriano won last season's Project Runway. If you've been waiting with bated breath for the release of his clothing line... the wait is over! The designer-on-the-rise just debuted his new line with none other than Bluefly! The clothes are, shall we say, FIERCE! The season's hottest trends are well represented from metallics to his signature ruffles. On top of all this goodness, Bluefly is offering all of his pieces at 20% off!

Who Rocked It?

Diane Von Furstenberg certainly does it well when it comes to women's clothes. She's created the perfect summer top. It's light, sheer and in a flowy shape that makes a statement. Lauren Conrad threw it on with some slick pants for a night on the town. Kim Kardashian gave it a daytime twist with trouser jeans. Both ladies wore it well but, who rocked it?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And another one...

TODAY ONLY - Beauty giant Clinique is giving it up! The dermatoligist tested skincare line is offering a gift with purchase but, it's for today only! With any purchase of $50 dollars gifts will be yours. What are these gifts, you ask? How about eye cream, lipstick, moisturizer AND mascara. Funny, that's all you really need in your summer beauty bag... how convenient!

Photo: Clinique

Music to my Ears

Free with Purchase - who doesn't like those words? One of my favorite retailers for chic style on a budget, H & M has a new offer. Starting tomorrow, with any denim purchase - walk away with a free t-shirt. Why is this a great deal? Well, for starters a t-shirt and jeans equals an outfit! Then, there's the fact that H & M is beyond budget friendly, so the jeans won't be equal to your rent! As with all good deals, this one has an expiration date. To get the hook up - get to H & M before June 30th.

Photo: H & M

Back to Nature - Product Tester

In my attempt to be au naturale, I have been trying different products. Including among them, deodorant. I've become increasingly more aware of what I'm putting in and on my body. I've read in various places that aluminum can lead to breast cancer and Alzheimer's. After hearing over and over again about these dangers in deodorant, I starting looking for a more natural approach.
First, I started with Tom's of Maine. They've been creating natural deodorants since 1976 so they should know what they're doing, right? Well, the product uses natural ingredients to keep you fresh. Let's start with the good: it goes on clear, doesn't leave white marks on clothes, and washes off clean. The bad: without anti-perspirant you'll definitely still sweat and that can lead to a little odor. I will say, it's minimal... the odor, that is.
Then, I tried Herbal Clear. This brand is made with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E. On the package it boasts that it's aluminum and paraben free. All good things, but how does it work? The good: like Tom's it goes on clear and washes off easily. On very hot days or situations, sweat is definitely a factor. Again, like Tom's the odor from the sweat is minimal and it's only in certain situations. On a day-to-day basis, it's not an issue.
Most natural brands seem to be only deodorant and not anti-perspirant. So, be warned you will still sweat but hopefully you'll be less -- fragrant. For me it's a small price to pay for keeping toxins out of my body. Tried either of these? Let me know what you think.
Photos: AmericanRX and Tom's of Maine

Sushi Anyone?

Something smell fishy? Point that nose down south toward your feet! There's a new pedicure utensil and you won't find it at a beauty supply store. The pedicure du jour features carp! About one hundred tiny fish nibble your feet until they're smooth as silk. A spa in Virginia features this pedi that uses fish to feed on the dead skin on your feet. So, what does it feel like? The process is said to be soothing and feel like a tickling sensation. Would you try it?
Photo: Associated Press

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LBD - Remixed

Getting ready for a night out? What can be better than the staple little black dress? Sometimes, the LBD needs a little update. This dress is one way to go. It adds elements from the season's hottest trends. From the empire waist to the ruffles, it makes a statement and answers the LBD's SOS!

Photo: Arden B.

Lock Chop

Mrs. Parker's got a new do! Eva Longoria Parker has been spotted out and about lately rocking a much shorter do. She's been stepping out in the last week with a just below the chin bob and tongues are a' waggin. I hear it may be related to her Housewives character. Not only has she chopped off her hair but she's put on weight for the part. Then again, maybe the girl just wanted some relief from the heat! Whatever the case, it's a cute departure from her longer locks. What do you think? Love it long or Play it short?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashionably Challenged!

If finances have you fashionably challenged? No worries, you can still be fresh-faced and fab with low dinero! makes it happen with a deal worth it's weight in gloss. The make-up maven is handing out three FREE, yes FREE beauty samples when you buy any full-priced item online. On top of that, get free shipping when you spend $25 dollars or more. How's that for upping your fab factor? Need a shopping suggestion? How about trying Lancaster Sun Care face and Body lotion. It's a water resistant lotion that's packed with SPF 30! It's a much needed addition to the summer beach bag! Get to shopping and get your free swag. You'll be glowing and glossing in no time. Hey, makeup is always cheaper than new Manolo's. Check out for the goodies!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feeling the Bite

Who knew it would come to this? One of our favorite glamazons may be bidding adieu to her budget-friendly fashion line. Sarah Jessica Parker is feeling the bite of the financial crisis now that Steve and Barry's is going out of business. The store is home to SJP's Bitten line and Venus Williams Eleven line. Now the ladies will have to find someone else to help hawk their goods. Both SJP and Venus had really cute stuff. Now might be a good time to stock up!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who Rocked It?

This silver Nina Ricci frock is a metallic dream! Lindsay Lohan made it bad girl chic with a leather jacket. She wore it on the Los Angeles set of a commercial. Sarah Jessica Parker worked it on the pink carpet at the Sex and The City movie premiere. Both ladies wore it well but, who rocked it?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Circus, Circus

Turns out the trapeze isn't only for the circus. This trapeze dress from Arden B. is for your body! This printed mini-dress shows off all the right parts, from your shoulders to your gams. I like the halter style of the dress. It gives a more chic look so you can take the dress from day to night.

Photo: Arden B.

Gator Lover

I'm not a big fan of reptiles. You should know that up front. What I am a fan of are lovely trinkets. This alligator, rhinestone confection certainly fits the bill. This ring is filled with rhinestones that adorn the body of this alligator. It's a ring that makes a statement and won't go unnoticed. Animal lovers need not worry, I'm sure wearing this alligator is PETA approved.

I Heart Shoes!

The fashion house that is Yves Saint Laurent just keeps it coming. In the search for the perfect summer sandal... please stop here. You can rock these with anything. Whether it's a casual summer dress, an evening frock or some cool shorts, these will set it off! The heart thong detail is especially cute and I'm loving the golden ties to lace up the leg.

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Rocked It?

From day to evening, you can't go wrong with staple colors black and white. Sharon Stone wore this Marchesa frock while on vacay. Mary J Blige wore the same mini at the Sex and the City Premiere. They both made it their own but, who rocked it?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

Today I will eat a little barbeque, catch a fireworks show and relax! The beach sounds like the perfect spot to make it happen. Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bling Thing

The fourth of July is tomorrow. Here in Los Angeles, everyone will be hitting the beaches
all weekend. Personally, I'm so excited that the long weekend is kicking in and I'm going to enjoy every second of it! Some of my time will be spent having some fun in the sun and this bikini is the right way to do it. It hits all the right notes! The top is a triangle bra top covered in sequin
sparkles. Love it! the bottom is a scoop bottom with just enough coverage to keep it family friendly. It's the perfect holiday bikini without getting caught up in the themed red, white and blue of it all.

Photo: victoria's secret

Who Rocked It?

This Louis Vuitton dress easily goes from good girl to vixen. Sex & the City's Kristin Davis paired this dress with tights and a clutch. She easily makes the coat dress more demure. Mariah Carey on the other hand looks ready to take on the city night life with strappy sandals and bare legs. Both ladies made the look their own, but... who rocked it?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Back in the day it was all about the beat! L.L. rapped about it on "My Radio". Boom box on your shoulder. Beat boxing on the corner, battling in the park, break dancing on a cardboard box. That was then, now the boom box has moved from the shoulder to your fingers. This ring screams an ode to early hip hop. It was during this era that we first started wearing the door knocker earrings and rings that spanned two or three fingers. This ring is no exception. It's a flash back in so many ways! Brings back good memories! Memories about me and my radio!


Golden Opportunity

Wow! The late, great Yves Saint Laurent may be gone but, what a legacy he's left behind. This gold and glossy stiletto is the YSL tribute platform. These stunners have been making their way all over Hollywood. From the red carpet to the club scene, today's starlets can't get enough of the ski high shoe. For a mere eight hundred ninety-five dollars they can be yours too. This go round, I think I'll admire them from afar!

Photo: YSL