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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11, Episode 8

This is the in case you missed it, review episode. Touting never before seen footage. So what is it we haven't seen, you ask? Elina gets upset when Clark goes home. Apparently, she was really crushing on the girl. It's revealed that Britney and Isis had some sort of close sisterly relationship. I could see that. Isis was cool and laid back from what I could tell and easy to like. We see Nikeysha getting her rhyme on in the hot tub. Sheena who's known as the hooch gets on McKey's case about being too butch and not girly enough. Interesting. Speaking of McKey, she seems to be the cook of the house and Clark is skeptical. Clark thinks McKey is out to make all the girls fat. Yep, I'm sure it's all a part of her evil master plan. We see Sheena freak out over her hair during the makeover. Her hair literally fell out. Hannah keeps Alaskan pixie dust in her room. Not sure what that is…but maybe that shouldn't have been revealed. I thought Hannah was pretty normal. Na├»ve and annoying but, normal. This pixie dust thing puts a new spin on the situation. Elina the ice queen calls Isis a possessed Hyena and tells her she need a bucket of makeup on her face. This was interesting… there were a lot of shared baths going on in the house. Lauren, Clark and Samantha all shared bath time. Marjorie and Analiegh also get in on the bath time action. Um, these are "grown" women, right? Why are they sharing bath water? Ugh! The girls also get attacked by a bee.McKey tries to save the bee and the girls laugh at her. In a creepy moment, she responds "all serial killers start by killing something small". Huh?


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