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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11, Episode 7 Recap

On this week's episode of ANTM the girls have to find their signature pose. They have a photo shoot that's coached by none other than Tyra and she helps them discover what poses work best for them. I think just about all the poses look odd. My guess is I'll need so see them in the context of a full on shoot? After the shoot Tyra reveals to the girls that this was actually a challenge and the winner is…. Marjorie. She describes her signature pose as the hunchback of Notre Dame. Interesting. For their next challenge the girls meet up with Mr. Jay at the Orpheum Theater. The concept for the photo shoot is unscripted things that happen behind the scenes and in front of the camera at awards shows. The girls have to act out these scenes. Yep, they have to show some emotion. This challenge seems to have been created just for Elina. She has a hard time letting go and feels the need to be in control of everything, including her emotions. Marjorie poses in the bathroom. She's a model who has to pee and can't get out of her dress. That hunchback pose comes in handy and she nails it! Refer to my prior comment about seeing these poses in context. Samantha stands at the podium as a model who can't read the cue cards because of the spotlight in her face. Lauren Brie is an actress who trips going up the stairs to accept an award. She didn't do so great. Very stiff. McKey is the star whose up for an award and didn't win but must smile for the cameras. I wasn't so sure about her at first but, this girl is beautiful! Sheena must be a starlet whose dress is stepped one. Joslyn is a star who finds out another celebrity is wearing the exact same dress. On a side note: Joslyn on average kinda could be your everyday girl but, put her in front of a camera and this girl is a MODEL! Analeigh is the entertainment reporter with an attitude and she is completely on point! Now for Elina. She had to be a starlet who can't stop crying while accepting and award. She struggles at first and Mr. Jay starts talking to her about what makes her cry and digging up feelings that bring on the waterworks. It was kind of part therapy session, part photo shoot. After this, I'm sure she's got the top spot in panel. Then I'm proven wrong! Marjorie just can't be stopped and gets the top spot at panel. The judges actually question Elina's tears. And she's left confused wondering what more they want from her. I agree with her. The girl has come a long way already. In the bottom two are Lauren Brie and Sheena. In the end Lauren Brie is sent home because her personality doesn't shine through.

Photos: CW

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