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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ANTM, Cycle 11 Episode 6 Recap

This week on ANTM the girls have a challenge with Paulina. She shows them how to adjust clothing for a photo when the clothing doesn't quite fit. It was pretty interesting. They used everything from water bottles to clips and rubber bands to make the outfits look appropriate. During the challenge, Marjorie's insecurities really came through and she had a mini-breakdown. If this girl would just have an ounce more confidence, she's guaranteed to win this! Samantha also didn't do so hot in this challenge. She altered the outfit so much that it was unrecognizable. Not a good thing. For the next challenge, the girls had to act out "natural" disasters. I say "natural" because one of them was a black out and a car crash. Totally beside the point, so I'll move on. Samantha was a tidal wave and she rocked it out! Marjorie was the other stand out but unfortunately she wouldn't have gotten there without the help of Mr. Jay continuously coaching her along. As for the worst picture…I'd have to go with Lauren Brie and Clark. These two looked like they didn't know where to go with the theme of the picture. So who stays and who goes? Well at the end of the day it was Clark who didn't really impress judges. She didn't seem to be improving and maybe thought being pretty was good enough. Turns out, it's not.


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