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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 9

Cold, cold cold. That’s what ran through my head during the elimination this week on top model. Wow! It was truly a shock to me. What happened, you ask? Well let’s start at the beginning. This week Elina and Marjorie team up to separate themselves from the rest of the girls in the house. Their bond is based on their European background and the issues they have adjusting to American life as immigrants. Fair enough, right? The other girls don’t quite get the big deal and are overall ignored by this new-found bond. It comes off as the girls playing some sort of blame game. Every time they are misunderstood they blame it on their background. In some respects I get it, on the other hand it’s annoying. On to the rest of the show. The girls met up with Ron and Richard Harris, the twins who first appeared in cycle 6 of the show. They teach the girls how to pose with articles of clothing. This led to their challenge. The girls find out that they’ll perform in a fashion show for Nony Tochterman. They don green body suits under the garments so that the green screen effect allows the girls to seem invisible and the garments float in air. With only the clothing being seen, they have to WORK to sell it! The girl who wins this challenge will land a holiday spread in Seventeen magazine. Most girls did well. Our dear Marjorie walked out in her dress without noticing that it had fallen down to her waist. Just a little bit embarrassing for her. On the bright side, her new BFF (Elina) won the challenge and chose Marjorie and Analeigh to join her in the photo spread. Back at the house Joslyn isn’t feeling well and keeps complaining of a cough and nausea. Not a good sign. The girls learn that they will be doing the Cover Girl commercial. Since past contestants have stumbled through the commercial lines, they decide to give the girls the advantage of a teleprompter. Despite being sick and eventually vomiting on set Joslyn gets through the commercial. Her performance, however, was lacking. Following the shoot, the girls head off to panel. During panel, Tyra pulls out a pair of clogs and announces to the girls that they need to be able to walk in anything to be a top model. After the girls struggle in the clogs, some even falling, Tyra announces that the girls will be taking a trip to Amsterdam. All but one of course, because someone is about to be eliminated. The judges like the Cover Girl commercials from Analeigh. Tyra exclaims it’s the best in the history of the show. I agree. They also like Sheena’s performance. It’s Samantha, Marjorie, Josyln, McKey and Elina who fall short in their eyes. The bottom two are Elina and Josyln. Elina is having the same issue she’s had throughout the show, she won’t release control. They judges have a big problem with that as this isn’t the first time they’ve had this critique. As for Joslyn, Tyra is impressed with her for making it through the commercial while being sick and says she couldn’t tell that Joslyn was ill in the shoot. She call her a survivor. She then tells her that since she’s a survivor, she’ll survive this and Tyra hands Elina the final picture. Joslyn is eliminated! Now refer to my opening line. What is up with that? That was cold! I find it odd that a few bad weeks could kill her chances, but telling Elina the same thing from day one, without improvement, doesn’t hurt her chances at all. This was a Top Model shocker and in this case, I don’t like surprises!

Photos:the CW

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