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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hats off...

Good ole Isaac Mizrahi had some interesting pieces on display for New York's fashion week. The most interesting had to be these hats! Yes, those things are supposed to be on the models heads. Is it crazy creative or just crazy? You be the judge. That being said, I have had a thing for Isaac Mizrahi since his show on Oxygen, since his days of frequenting the Oprah show, since well, forever. How could you not love Isaac? Anybody that can bring fashionable and affordable together and single-handedly make Target – Tar-zhay is worthy of such adulation, right? Anywho, Mr. Mizrahi is teaming up with the peeps at Liz Claiborne to collaborate on a new line. Could this be a match made in fashion heaven? Liz Claiborne founded her line for the everyday woman and Isaac has been making more affordable fashions for a while now. It's about time they teamed up, huh? Considering the economic, uh, issues… the timing is perfect! Check out his more, ahem, tame designs here and here.

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