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Monday, August 18, 2008

Wax ON, Wax OFF

Let's talk about the economy. In short, it sucks! I think we can all agree on that. In it's current state, this economy has caused many of us to pull back on the not-so-necessities. One of those things may be a little waxage. From the eyebrow to the legs to the bikini... what's a girl to do? Here's an alternative: Parissa wax strips! The strips claim to be the solution to all your waxing needs. Their website boasts information on different types of hair and which waxing products work for specific types. Another great feature of the site... REVIEWS! Past customers have left their views on the how well the waxing strips work and many of the ladies swear by these. Did I mention that the bikini wax strips are just nine dollars for a pack of sixteen strips? Maybe you don't want to do ALL of your waxing duties yourself but, when it comes to saving money, even if you did just one area it could be worth it, right?


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