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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pout it out!

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

I think it’s pretty proven that colors influence our mood. So if you’re feeling daring, no need to say a word, just let your lips do the talking! In case you missed the memo, the 80’s have made a comeback and pink pouty lips are the “it” thing for spring! You know the kind you couldn’t get enough of in the 80’s. It’s back… in a big way! Go bold and try this trend. One word of advice: have fun with the shade but try to stay away from the Pepto-Bismol pink. A good place to start your perfect pink color search would be MAC. The makeup giant has teamed up with designing duo, Heatherette for a collection of colors that will leave you speechless! Who better than the dynamic twosome to create your perfect eighties pout? Try their Hollywood Nights shade to get you going. I wouldn’t pair the look with anything too extreme. Translation: leave the neon at home. Let’s just go with one 80’s throwback at a time. Thankfully the trends from that decade have been limited to the good stuff. There were plenty of the bad to leave behind, I mean, shoulder pads anyone? Bad eighties flashback aside… Go all out! Consider finding your perfect pink pout a challenge!

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