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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little Summer YUM!

As summer staples go... this one is a must-have! In my search for all natural products, I've found Carol's Daughter has created the perfect sea salt scrub. I use the Mango Mélange scent on almost a daily basis. Does that qualify for addiction? If so, sign me up for the 12 step program! The scrub combines natural oils (jojoba and avocado) to leave you glowing after it scrubs away the dead skin. Let's not forget about the fragrance. Your bathroom will smell like a spa, let it take you away! Another unexpected treat - there's a slice of mango right in the middle of the jar. Love it! I've also heard great things about their almond cookie version. I'm working my way around to it! Check out or to try them yourself. Trust me, you'll be hooked.

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Thrillermill said...

... on my way to Sephoria!!!