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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twigs Wanted

You're too fat, you're not skinny enough. These are things you expect to hear in the world of modeling. But when you're 5'10" and 120lbs. you'd expect that clients would be falling over themselves to work with you. I mean, at that size you are more than a little smaller than the average woman and designers size zero samples should hang on you just right. Well, that's not the case if you're Filippa Hamilton. The model was recently fired by Ralph Lauren. She says, they let her go because she wasn't skinny enough. I know... pick your chin up off the floor. The above photo is an ad from Ralph Lauren featuring the model next to a more life-like photo of her. In the ad, she's clearly photoshopped into oblivion. Ralph Lauren has already issued an apology taking full responsibility for the massacre of the ad. However, they maintain that they fired her because she wasn't able to meet the obligations set forth in her contract. Could those obligations include maintaining a less than waif-like appearance? I'd love the answer to that question.

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