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Friday, January 30, 2009


Michelle Obama wasn't the only one causing a fashionable fuss on inauguration. No, Aretha Franklin proved to be a showstopper... her hat, that is. The hat she wore to sing "America" at the swearing-in is getting more buzz than the song itself. It is flying off the shelves in her native, Detroit. While the hat was a one-of-a-kind version, made especially for the singer, admirers can get a version of it for a small fee. It's retailing for $179. The designer has warned that only replicas are for sale and that Franklin's is an original. Seems that's not a problem for fans of the hat with the Swarovski rhinestone-rimmed bow. The designer, Luke Song of Detroit’s Mr. Song Millinery, says he’s sold thousands since its debut on national TV. If you want in on this craze click here for info. Seems Ms. Franklin created a stimulus package of her own.



Tonya622 said...

This hat hurts my feelings. And the fact that people are rusing to buy it hurts them even more. Aretha has had quite a few fashion misses, and at least this time she had the girls covered up, but this bow has a life of it's own. I'm not sure if its the size or the way that it's tilted which confuses me more. All I could think about when she was singing is the bow detaching itself from that hat and grabbing onto her face with octopus-like suction. Sorry, Auntie 'Retha, I am not coveting this church lady look.

Tonya622 said...

Um...that should be "rushing" to buy. That bow upsets to the point of making typos.