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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ATTN - (last minute) Shoppers!

For those of you that insist on waiting til the last minute to get your Christmas shopping done... I'm looking out for you. Hey, I just finished up myself! Here's a list of some pretty fab finds for $100 dollars or less. There should be something here for most of the fashionable ones on your list. Yes, even the guys. Speaking of the men folk, let's start with the Solio Solar charger. It works with your phone, ipod and laptop. This should work for any of the techies on your list. The added perk is it's eco friendly. Since it's powered by solar energy, no need to plug it up and viola! Energy saved! All of this goodness comes in at one hundred dollars.

I readily admit I'm one of those women who can't get enough bags or shoes. This little bags and pumps tic tac toe game works perfectly for me. Sure the bags and shoes would be good but it's the thought that counts. It's perfect for a home or work office. It's comes in at sixty-five dollars. This is a pretty cute gift. Especially since I have more than a few friends who can't ever remember what day it is. This calendar paper weight would work perfectly for someone I know and at twenty-five dollars, it's well within my budget.
The Juicy brand just seems to keep expanding. What don't they make with the Juicy brand attached? This one is pretty cool. It's a lip gloss pendant. Convenient for the girl on the run. You don't have to dig in your purse to get a little Juicy shine. Right now this necklace is seventy-eight dollars with and extra 25 percent off at Neiman Marcus.
I've been seeing these everywhere. Ever been out to eat and you just couldn't find a spot to rest your purse. Well, this trinket is the cure-all for that problem. I've seen them sold a few places and I've actually seen them used all over. You just store these purse hangers in your bag and when you need it, pull it out and hook it on to the end o f a table and give your bag (and your arm) a rest. These are floating around the web for forty dollars.
Ever been in a situation where you wanted to get out and do something but you just couldn't decide? Well this is an entertainment decision maker. It has suggestions like wine bar or sushi. Can't really go wrong with either. Could be a cute little stocking stuffer at fifty-five dollars.
These earrings kind of remind me of brooches but, that's not a bad thing. These Alan B. Schwartz teardrop crystal earrings are great for a night out or just to dress up a casual outfit. ABS always comes with something crave-worthy. These fit the bill. They'll set you back about ninety-five dollars.
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