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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kanye Falls Into the Gap

Really, Kanye! After successful collaborations with Nike (Air Yeezy) and an upscale sneaker deal with Louis Vuitton, Kanye still isn't done! He may be a college dropout but somehow he ended up being an intern at none other than the Gap. Not sure what the term "intern" means in Kanye-speak but, I'm not convinced he's off getting coffee or filing papers for the higher ups. Just what will he get out of this internship besides invaluable knowledge? My guess is there won't be any college credit given. Perhaps, something more substantial is on the table. Let's not be surprised if Gap suddenly has a collection of clothing on it's racks with a certain Chicago-bred rapper's swagger. I'm just sayin'. Because being a superstar rapper, producer, director, entrepreneur isn't enough, right? If only my internships had turned out so well.

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